menu design

Wedding Menus - the perfect finishing touch!

A wedding is filled with SO many big decisions and important little details… which makes it both exciting and sometimes stressful :P Where is everyone going to sit? How will they know where to go? What time is everything happening? What colour napkins should we use?! All of these (and many more) need to be decided on, but if you look at it as a bespoke experience and not take it too seriously, it can be really fun! You’re designing YOUR perfect day! Embrace all of the details, and make it what you’ve always dreamed of (or at least what you’d like to see on your big day).


I’m going to get into all kinds of details over the next few months, but today let’s chat about MENUS!

Having a menu on each place setting is SUCH a lovely finishing touch to a gorgeous table. If you have a centrepiece or some beautiful table decor, lovely stem and silverware, the place setting and napkin could really use a pretty detail sitting on top, such as a menu ;) Especially if you’re using stationery throughout your Wedding Day (whether it be a Welcome sign, Seating chart, program, or table numbers), it’s really nice to tie in your palette with paper goods as it keeps everything looking cohesive and polished. Are menus necessary? Of course not, but they can be both attractive and helpful! They let your guests know what to expect for their meal or what options they have, while adding a beautiful detail to the plate. You can also use menus to say “Thank You” or even as a place card with each guest’s name on the top. The possibilities are endless, just like the designs! Have a look at some I’ve created and try not to get hungry ;)

Now that you’ve enjoyed that eye candy, I hope you agree that menus are a wonderful addition to your table! For each of the 50+ designs I have in my COLLECTION, there is a corresponding menu, or I can always design a custom option ;) Happy planning!